The line of field Vrignaud

Our Great Wines Of Chablis

  • Bouteilles gamme Tradition Petit Chablis

    Tradition range

    The Petit Chablis, lively and deliciously fruity.
    The Chablis reflecting the richness of a limestone soil. More
  • Bouteilles 1 gamme tradition

    First Crus and Grand Cru range

    The first Fourchaume, elegant and mineral wines.
    The first Mont de Milieu wines, unique in their floral and saline character.
    Grands Crus Blanchot, pure and charming More
    Bouteilles 2 gamme tradition
  • Selection Range of Terroirs

    The cuvées from a mass selection worked with attention and moderation. More
    Bouteilles gamme sélection terroirs

Domain Guillaume Vrignaud

For a vinification-of exceptional wines ...

Everyone has his interpretation of what Chablis should be, the style he should take.

Exploiting 29 hectares around Fontenay-près-Chablis, Domaine Vrignaud has a very specific Terroir approach.

Looking forward is first to be aware of one's heritage and to wish to defend it in every respect.

In the field, it is necessary to know the parcels located on the Portlandian and Kimmeridgian strata, the care of the vines whether they are clones or that they come from a mass selection and naturally a production in Organic Agriculture.

Organic farming is not a finality, it is a way of thinking, a way to make the terroir appear.

A wine is born in the vineyard not in the cellar.

Pressing, winemaking limiting inputs, the use of vats or barrels bring to light the grounds, the basements, the climate, the berries and the know-how of the Domain.

This know-how and this constant attention nourish day by day a style of wines of Chablis.

More than a style of wine is the culmination of a philosophy.

This philosophy, our philosophy, is balance.

The balance of the vineyards and the environment, the bays and the geology, the wines and the emotions that they must provoke in each of the tasters.

                                                                                                                        Guillaume Vrignaud

Portrait de Guillaume Vrignaud