Our Methods

You'll understand the purpose of the field Vrignaud is to respect to the maximum the natural environment, source of life and incredible wealth.

With his many years as a producer-grower, the field knew Vrignaud understand the winemaking methods and the various parameters at play in producing a quality wine. Looking to the future and handing himself constantly in question, it had become necessary to turn to an organic label.
Nature is full of treasures, and the vine itself is a treasure that deserves all the best attentions.
Our soil, rich in fertile soil, allowed us to sublimate all the potential and quality of our grapes. No need to artifices to restore its powerful and noble character.

It is essential to allow the soil to live and express themselves; it is here that the vine draws all its minerality and strength. The wine, which follows what this vine, virgin of any additives, having drawn its resources in this kind benefactress, become a divine nectar, an elixir that will transport you into spheres where all elements mingle: earth, water, air ...

More than a style of wines is the result of a philosophy.